“A society’s greatness is not to be measured by how well the strongest in its midst can do, but how well it takes care of the weakest in its midst.” Palmer Parker, Quaker author and educator
Cape Cod Village (CCV) was founded in 2011 by Bob and Lauren Jones, clinical social workers from Orleans, Massachusetts and the parents of a young adult son with autism. Recognizing the need on Cape Cod for opportunities and safe and supportive residential housing, they began meeting with other parents who shared similar concerns. From these meetings Cape Cod Village, An Innovative Community for Adults with Autism, was born.

In January 2012, Cape Cod Village was incorporated as a non-profit corporation by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in 2013 CCV was granted status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation by the Internal Revenue Service. As a result, all donations to Cape Cod Village are tax deductible.

In September 2016, the project was approved by the Executive Office for Health and Human Services of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

With a committed Board of Directors, Advisory Board and many volunteers, Cape Cod Village is developing connections at the local, state and federal levels, cultivating both private and public partnerships as well as building relationships with autism advocacy groups. Cape Cod Village is researching other programs serving adults with autism and incorporating the best models and best practices available. Our goal is to create high quality housing and programs to meet the unique needs of adults on the autism spectrum.

Cape Cod Village is an ambitious project, and one that is fueled by commitment and passion. It will “take a village…” to build this village and with the support of many the dream to build An Innovative Community for Adults with Autism will be realized.